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Browse matrimony services from Apulia Matrimonial including Bitonto and nearby cities, Palo del Colle (5 km), Giovinazzo (8 km), Palombaio (8 km), Modugno (8 km), Bitetto (8 km), Binetto (9 km), Grumo Appula (10 km), Mariotto (12 km), Toritto (12 km), Terlizzi (12 km), Bitritto (13 km), Molfetta (13 km), Loseto (15 km), Bari (15 km), Sannicandro di Bari (15 km), Ruvo di Puglia (17 km), Valenzano (17 km), Adelfia (19 km), Capurso (20 km), Triggiano (20 km), Bisceglie (21 km), Cellamare (22 km).

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Marriage Agency Bitonto
Results are based on a radius search of Bitonto, Apulia with a Bitonto center lookup of:
Via Raffaele Pasculli
70032 Bitonto BA

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There are approximately 101 registered profiles from Bitonto. Including surrounding areas of Palo del Colle, Giovinazzo, Palombaio, Modugno, Bitetto, Binetto, Grumo Appula, Mariotto, Toritto, Terlizzi, Bitritto, Molfetta, Loseto, Bari, Sannicandro di Bari, Ruvo di Puglia, Valenzano, Adelfia, Capurso, Triggiano, Bisceglie, Cellamare, there are over 1,479 members and growing every day.